Casio Altimeter, Barometer, Temperature, Watch Review

Casio Twin Sensor Watch

9/10 Based on Ken's Review

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Casio Illuminator Altimeter, Barometer, Temperature watch face

Today I’m reviewing The Casio Illuminator - Altimeter, Barometer, and Thermometer, Watch (SGW-300H). I purchased mine from Bass Pro Shops for about $70.

The main reason I bought this watch is the ability to know your height above sea level, the barometric pressure, and the current temperature, in your exact location. This is beneficial when you’re out camping and need to be up to date with barometric pressure drops (The coming of storms), or your hiking and want to know your change in altitude. The altimeter only works up to 10,000 feet though, so Mount Everest might be out of the question.

I also hang this watch in my tent on cold nights to take temperature readings. For an accurate temperature reading you of course need to remove the watch from your arm, otherwise it’ll always register in the 80’s from being so close to your skin.

As you can see from the photo above, the watch holds up well. I've worn this watch for the past 6 months and the only damage is minor scratching on the top right. I think this occured while working on a car, when I should have taken my watch off anyway.

As for accuracy, the altimeter, barometer, and thermometer, are all calibrated at the factory but the watch gives you the option of adjusting the calibrations if you know your exact height above sea level, pressure, or temperature. Time accuracy is stated to be +- 30 seconds per month.

Casio Illuminator Altimeter, Barometer, Temperature watch band

The strap on this watch is Nylon. I prefer Nylon over leather, faux leather, or plastic, because of its durability and breathability on the skin. I run in this watch, work on cars in this watch, and swim with this watch. I need something durable as well as easy to clean. Nylon performs the best for my needs.

There’s a display on the watch that is supposed to let you know if the weather is going to be sunny or cloudy. I think it tracks trends in the barometric pressure but I haven’t found this feature incredibly useful. You’re better off simply taking the barometric pressure number and deciding for yourself, as sudden drops signify rain and poor weather to come. Below are the watches basic features and what the watch includes.

Features of the watch include:

Casio Altimeter, Barometer, Temperature watch inside

The battery compartment is accesable by removing four screws on the back of the watch.

Once inside you'll notice a water proofing seal and the battery, with a message that reads "After battery replacement, contact AC with (-) using tweezers. Ac stands for "All Clear". This resets the watch.

If you're not sure what to do just take the watch to a jeweler or watch repare shop.



Casio Illuminator Altimeter, Barometer, Temperature, Watch Review
May 11, 2013
9/10 stars
I've worn the Casio Altimeter, Barometer, temperature, watch for the past 6 months and can't find much wrong with it. It's durable, military green, and gives me the barometric pressure when I need it.

Ken wrote:

The nylon strap has gotten a bit of a smell to it over time. Washing with soap and water hasn't worked but I finally found an answer with letting the watch soak in antibacterial soap for 10 minutes. This is probably the only downfall of a nylon watch, many places for bacteria to hide.

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